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Anytime Fitness Québec partners with NEO & Anytime SEO

Anytime Fitness accelerates its’ Canada growth with key strategic partners NEO and Anytime SEO for indoor advertising and online digital marketing.    

Ottawa – June 21st ,2022. Anytime Fitness Quebec is the nation’s fastest growing brand in Canada.  Our growth is based on several factors, including our ability to fully leverage marketing & advertising strategies, both online and in ‘brick and mortar’.   

With Anytime SEO (anytime-seo.com), gym owners generate web sales and increase their community digital footprint.  Anytime SEO is a full-service digital marketing agency focused on social media, search engine optimization, and content marketing.

With NEO (neo-ooh.com), gym owners can monetize their indoor screens and WIFI infrastructure and turn a cost into a profit center.  NEO’s high impact media helps to communicate and advertise directly to gym members using a ‘last meter’ marketing.  Jeff Kristinson adds ‘…Having NEO as a partner is a game changer for us.  We deployed NEO screens in 6 of our gyms, and combined with Anytime SEO content, we increased our membership by 10 – 15%.  NEO offers huge value-add given we use a media paid and managed by NEO, and on top of that we receive a % of all ad revenues posted in our gyms.  In the end, such partnerships allow us to focus 100% on our business operations…’  

Ronald Tapiero added ‘Anytime Fitness has a clear vision where the market is going, and how to market and advertise to consumers, both online and offline using OOH (Out of Home) advertising.  They are aware that an omnichannel strategy can boost ROI by 50%+ over single channel strategies’ 

About Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness (anytimefitness.com) is the largest & fastest-growing gym franchise in the world.  We serve 5 million members, in 5,000+ gyms, in 32 countries. Open 24 / 7 / 365, we provide our members with convenient fitness options and friendly, personal service in top quality facilities.   

About Anytime SEO

Anytime SEO (anytime-seo.com) is a high-energy bunch of entrepreneurs, marketing minds and digital nerds. Our company is a full-service digital marketing agency that works with small and large companies such as WestJet, Canadian Tire, Anytime Fitness 

About NEO  

NEO (neo-ooh.com) offers an advertising network in shopping malls, service stations, C-stores, and Fitness Centers across Canada, in 450+ locations.  In the Fitness industry, NEO partners with leading brands such as Nautilus Plus, Anytime Fitness, World Gym, and Buzzfit. 


Media Contacts:

Jeff Christison, President

Anytime Fitness Quebec


Abtin Kargari, CMO 

Anytime SEO


Pierre-André Paulin, Business Development

NEO Advertising Network



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